TOTARGIN is a dietary supplement of Brea based on Arginine, L-Acetyl Carnitine, Folic Acid, Zinc and Vitamin E, whose characteristic, in addition to the unique combination of several active ingredients, is the high dosage of arginine (2.5g ).



Arginine is an essential amino acid in pediatric age, meaning it must be taken through food because the body is not able to synthesize it in sufficient quantity; in adults it is synthesized in the urea cycle.

Arginine takes on a very important aspect in the sexual sphere of man, because it intervenes in the synthesis of nitric oxide, a substance that produces vasodilation by increasing the blood supply to the tissues, including the genitals (1).

Numerous studies have reported how this amino acid has the ability, to improve some physio-pathological conditions such as Erectile Dysfunction (2), through an increase in the endogenous synthesis of NO, a very important biological mediator.

Arginine is considered indispensable for the production of sperm, improves spermatogenesis and acts as a source of energy, playing an important role for energy metabolism and sperm motility (3).

Arginine is also indicated in the states of weakness and physical fatigue, moreover, as a hypothalamic stimulant, it facilitates the development of muscular masses and the reduction of fat deposits. It therefore represents an important element for the metabolism in weight control interventions and in the nutrition of athletes (4-5).

Acetyl Carnitine

Acetyl Carnitine is an amino acid derivative synthesized in the human body, which is able to synthesize only 25% of the daily requirement, the remaining part must be introduced through nutrition, therefore Carnitine is used as a nutritional supplement both in clinical and sports.

Low levels of carnitine are often found in various diseases, including impairment of male reproductive capacity. Several studies show a linear correlation between the levels of L-carnitine number, and sperm quality (6). Therefore, carnitine supplementation is able to produce an increase in reduced sperm mobility. Several clinical trials have confirmed an optimization of sperm parameters, with a particular increase in the percentage of motile spermatozoa, in patients with astheno-oligospermia after administration of L-carnitine (7-8-9)

Vitamin E

Vitamin E is the main antioxidant factor present in the cell membrane. Dietary supplementation with vitamin E is indicated in degenerative changes in reproductive organs, vessels, and connective tissue in smokers. It is deposited in the liver, in the adipose tissue of the pituitary gland, adrenal glands, uterus and testicles. Several clinical studies show that oral vitamin E supplementation increases sperm motility and the percentage of vital and normal spermatozoa (3-10-11-12).


Zinc plays an important role in the reproductive system; has recognized antiapoptotic and antioxidant properties. In fact it is an excellent source of protection from the negative effects of oxygen radicals and results in an improvement in sperm quality, particularly in terms of motility and membrane integrity. Supplementation with zinc has been associated with a decrease in oxidative stress and therefore with greater integrity of the spermatic membrane, low fragmentation of spermatic DNA and low levels of sperm degeneration.

Zinc thus contributes to the physiological fertility and male reproduction with obvious benefits on sexual and reproductive function.

Folic Acid

Folic acid (also Vit. B9, Vit M, folacin) is a water-soluble vitamin belonging to group B; is an essential vitamin for the synthesis of DNA, RNA and amino acids. As a vitamin of group B it intervenes in the formation of red blood cells (antianemic factor) and is important for the balance of the nervous system. It is also able to reduce the levels of homocysteine, (an amino acid present in the blood). In oligospermia and / or asthenospermia there is a pathological increase in homocysteine which is a direct or indirect cause of alterations in spermatogenesis

Folic acid in addition to promoting fertility is recommended during the period of breastfeeding. Folic acid has been recognized as being of fundamental importance in the prevention of some neonatal malformations, especially those related to the neural tube such as, for example, anencephaly, encephalocele and spina bifida.


The dosage of TOTARGIN is 1 sachet per day to be taken before meals for a period of about 5/6 months

Indicated in cases of: Astenoteratozoospermie (Primitive; Secondary to prostate-vesicular phlogosis). Varicocele post-treatment therapies. Adjuvant to hormonal and antioxidant therapies. Adjuvant in Erectile Dysfunction alone or in association with Viraxum. Preparation for PMA techniques. In sporting activity and in dietology.

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