About us

BREA srl, founded in 2006, deals with the formulation and marketing of phytotherapy and natural supplements for the treatment of various diseases, such as kidney stones, chronic venous insufficiency, inflammatory processes, edema of different etiopathogenesis, diseases uro-andrological.

Over the years, thanks to the close collaboration of andrological specialists, Brea has focused particularly on the treatment of La Peyronie's disease, or Induratio Penis Plastica (IPP).

Brea has contributed to the continuous evolution of medical therapy in La Peyronie's disease with specifically studied herbal products and developing specific electromedical equipment; this has led to excellent results in the treatment of IPP.

The specialized products are:

  • PROPOLBERRY 3P® 30 tablets
  • SILIGIN® 60 tablets
  • IonoBrea IDRO®  electromedical for iono-hydrophoresis

All supplements and phytotherapy products sold under the BREA brand are gluten and sugar free, corresponding to EEC regulations and produced by the Laboratory Therapeutic M.R. Florence, authorized by the Ministry of Health.