In recent years, a therapeutic path has been identified that has produced excellent results, using a cocktail of substances (Multiday Therapy): Propolberry 3P, 1 tablet per day (it is the combination of two substances, Propolis and Cranberry in high doses, administered through a single tablet), Siligin 2 tablets per day (combination of Silymarin, extracted from Milk Thistle, and Ginkgo Biloba), Vitamin E 300/400 mg per day, Pentoxifylline.

The latter can be administered by mouth (side effects!) or by intracavernous periplacal injection. However, this last practice cannot be performed frequently (max to 2 times a month) for several reasons: logistical problems (appointment at a specialized clinic), possible pain, continuous microtraumas that could cause the paradoxical effect of constant inflammation. To eliminate this, the drug can be introduced via specific electric currents (Hydrophoresis).

This mode must be performed with a special electrode, patented by BREA, from the Ionobrea IDRO® device, which has been specially designed for penile hydrophoresis and which guarantees the diffusion of the substance over the entire surface of the albuginous tunics. This electrode is the only one dedicated exclusively to penile hydrophoresis for Induratio Penis Plastica disease. Hydrophoresis should be done at least three or more times per week.

The use of Pentoxifylline adopted for many years is due to the greater power and speed in stabilizing the plaque and consequent reduction.


Another aspect of hydrophoresis therapy with Pentoxifylline is given by the fact that this molecule causes an increase in blood flow in the penile capillaries, a greater "turgicity" of the penile shaft is perceived, thus improving any Erectile Dysfunction. The higher the frequency and the surface treated, the better the adjuvant therapeutic response to D.E. (Therapy sessions can also be daily, the Ionobrea IDRO® electrodes cover the entire surface of the Albuginea Gown).

The treatment must be extended as there is currently no treatment that guarantees definitive healing. This therapy (coming from large-scale clinical trials) guarantees in a first phase the stabilization of the disease, so that the disease does not worsen since the PPI, if left alone, tends to worsen or, in the event of suspension of the therapy, recur; subsequently the progressive reduction of the fibrous plaque and the recovery of the elasticity of the Albuginea tunic with consequent straightening of the penile shaft.

We can wait for improvement after 6-8 months of THERAPY.
In short, today's medical treatment that has yielded the brightest results at a fastest pace is:

• Injection or transdermal hydrophoresis of Pentosyphillin (with a special IonoBrea IDRO® hydrophoric apparatus)
Vitamin E (at least 300mg /400mg day)
Propolberry 3P (Propolis 600mg, Cranberry 160mg) 1 tablet / day
Siligin (Silymarin 400mg, Ginkgo Biloba 250mg) 2 tablets / day

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